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Here are some of the methods I use to help improve the lives of individuals and increase the successes of organizations:

Life Coaching

Rediscover your essence and identify those aspects of your personality that are most important to you; then use those discoveries to identify, choose, and create clear attainable goals for a new, more satisfying life path.


Work privately with a coach to gain insights and strategies for dealing with difficult people in your life. Discover if others find you difficult to work with and learn ways you can improve your workplace interactions.


For organizations experiencing interpersonal employee conflicts, work with a business coach to identify causes and find collaborative solutions. Solutions may include process changes, individual coaching, mediation, and dialogue.


Quickly and quietly resolve disputes between individuals and between organizations using private one-party case management and confidential multi-party conferences; services include helping resolve workplace conflicts, business-to-business disputes, etc.


Wendy Kincade, MS - Conflict and Dispute Resolution Professional
Creating happier, healthier, more productive people and organizations

Successful communication is difficult--a message sent is only as good as the message received, and a lot of things can get in between the sending and the receiving (i.e. individual histories, personal biases, unmet physical needs, just to name a few). It's amazing we ever communicate successfully at all. When we are engaged in conflict, communication becomes even more difficult as we move to protect ourselves by shutting our minds to new ideas and by making negative assumptions about the thoughts and motives of those with whom we are in conflict. Coach and mediator, Wendy Kincade, works co-partially with all sides of a conflict to help the parties hear and be heard and to collaborately find solutions that meet everyone's needs and interests.

  • restorative

    Coach/mediator focuses on healing for all

  • Action-oriented

    Coach/mediator works with folks to identify and complete actionable items

  • art of hearing

    Coach/mediator helps folks feel heard so they can go first in hearing others

  • co-partial

    Coach/mediator supports and shows compassion for everyone (even those not in the room)